Liposuction in the News

Recent news stories on lipsuction techniques and developments.
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Liposuction Goes ‘Micro’

WCCO TV4: To get rid of the bulges that just won't budge, some people are turning to the latest trend in cosmetic surgery: micro-liposuction. Read More


Liposuction not just for vanity, says DoH chief

INQ7 News: If you think liposuction is all vanity, think again. A recent survey by the Philippine Medical Association showed 80 percent of women who went through the procedure did so because of work. Read More


New Procedure Provides Painless Alternative to Liposuction

NBC-TV: Painless, non-invasive substitutes for plastic surgery continue to grow in popularity. People hoping to get rid of stubborn cellulite may now have a painless alternative to liposuction. Read More


Mesotherapy vs. Liposuction

PR Web: Mesotherapy, the latest fat-melting in-office injection, promises to target your fat spots with little hassle, little pain, and big results. Some people swear by the practice. But is it safe? Read More


Your Health: Liposuction’s Limits

Time: Surgery makes you slimmer, but it may not make you any healthier. Doctors have long suspected that excess fat around the belly increases the chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Read More


Getting Ready for Summer with Liposuction

PR Web: Liposuction continues to be the most common plastic surgery procedure performed according to the recently released statistics of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In 2003, 1000 patients per day underwent liposuction just in the US alone. This is a 117% increase over the past seven years. Read More


Women “Want Free Liposuction” More than 40% of women would have liposuction while one in five would go for “stomach stapling” if the procedures were free, a survey showed today. Most women are currently on a diet (60%) even though only 38% think diets work, according to the poll of 5,000 females across the UK. Read More


Cosmetic Surgery: Business is booming

UPI: Two weeks ago, Sue O'Donnell, age 54, celebrated the coming of spring by doing some sprucing up — on her face. She received Botox injections to smooth crinkly lines around her eyes. She also received shots of a collagen-like filler to remove fine lines around her lips and smooth out her cheeks. Like millions of others, she is seeking a better, tighter, younger face. Read More


A New Kind of Coming Out Party

WCBS-TV New York: From nose jobs to liposuction, 12 million patients go under the knife for plastic surgery every year. But often, all that work is hush-hush. Read More


New Procedure Makes Liposuction Less Invasive

WFSB Eyewitness News: There is new hope in the battle against cellulite, a treatment that boasts significant differences than regular liposuction. Read More


Surgical Six-Pack

WJAC-TV Medical News: Abdominal etching is a type of liposuction. The doctor removes fat from the stomach and love handles. But there’s a twist. Read More